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Longmeadows Facilities include: WIFI, Restaurant/Bar, Play park, Launderette.  

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Update on covid 19 government regulations 2021.






Plans to keep Longmeadows holiday park safe.
25th May update: Please ensure you call ahead to book in. Track and trace is still essential as lockdown eases.

As set out by the government, the following rules are now in place and we look forward to welcoming our holiday home owners back safely.

Please ensure you follow social distancing rules at all times and wear your PPE or face coverings
where required. This is for the safety of you and everyone else, and the assurance that further lockdowns will not follow.

We will be maintaining our telephone gas order and bill payment system to ensure minimum contact and help safety levels in the office and on the park.


When you are able to travel again, and restrictions are eased, please follow these instructions:

You must book in for track and trace using our office e.mail or telephone number (01964 613319) at least 48 hours BEFORE arriving at the park.



General Safety against Covid 19:


Following the closures other rules may apply - keep watching the Government guidelines on the news.


If you are unsure, please check the government statement for your area and please check with us BEFORE travelling.


If you have recently returned from a foreign holiday in Spain or any other affected country, you may not use your holiday home to quarantine, you must use your designated quarantine centre or hotel. You may be checked upon, at home, by the quarantine safety officials.


Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon!!

The Northfield restaurant and bar will remain closed until further notice.

Please note. 

The following procedures have been introduced on Longmeadows, to lower the risk of exposure to infection:

Please minimise physical visits to the site office. Only one person will be allowed in the
reception area at any time. If you need to visit reception, Please stand behind screens and floor lines unless instructed otherwise and use your face mask when entering the reception area. Please use the hand sanitiser provided. 

Gas and payments:
Gas orders and account payments should be ordered and paid for by telephone where possible. (01964 613319)

Sales enquiries:
Please ring to make an appointment for viewing or discussing your upgrade. (01964 613549)


As per government guidelines we have to abide by the Track and Trace system, we therefore need to know when you are visiting/staying/leaving your Holiday Home and the contact details of any other family or friends that may visit you. Please advise us by telephone or email (not facebook) in advance before accessing the Park so details can be logged. 

Use the QR code on the reception area entrance door if possible.  


Please be assured that any information provided will not be shared with any third party and will only be used for

Covid-19 track and trace purposes, as in accordance with GDPR regulations. All records are destroyed after 21 days.  


All  further information will be posted on our website and facebook page as we receive it.


Our message to everyone is follow government instructions and stay safe.

Please note - The Northfield will be closed until further notice - Sorry for any inconvenience. 



Please note:

The Northfield restaurant serves freshly cooked bar meals and a la carte menu daily (except Mondays). We are also a great venue for your family parties, entertainment and relaxation.

Parties over 6 people- it is advisable to pre book your party to avoid disappointment. 01964 612551.                                                     Prices October 2019. May vary

The Northfield Waxholme Road, Withernsea, East Yorkshire, HU19 2BT

01964 612551


Catering for all your needs




Pub Classics and Grills




Teatime Specials


Sunday Carvery


Private Functions


Corporate Seminars


Some of our products contain allergenic ingredients. Please ask a member of staff for any further information required.

(V) – Vegetarian (GF) - Gluten Free

To Start

Nachos (V)

Topped with cheese, jalapenos, salsa, guacamole and
sour cream.

For one person

For two people

**Add BBQ pulled pork

**Add chilli con carne

Garlic Dough Balls (V) £2.95
Stacked up and oozing with garlic butter, served with a garlic dip.

Halloumi Fries (V) £4.75
Chunky cut and deep fried, with a fiery sriracha mayonnaise dip.

Whitby Scampi
Six pieces of succulent crispy scampi served with a tartar sauce dip.

Black Pudding 

Pan fried. Served with a peppercorn sauce and topped with red onion marmalade.

Crispy Garlic Mushrooms (V)
Button garlic mushrooms in a crispy breadcrumb, served with a garlic dip.

Homemade Haddock Goujons 

Locally supplied fresh haddock coatedin our homemade crispy batter.
Served with a zesty lemon mayonnaise.

Crispy MozzarellaSticks (V)
Breaded sticks of mozzarella served with a BBQ dip.

Filo Prawns 

Prawns wrapped in a crunchy filo pastry and served with a sweet chilli dip.

Hot ’n’ Kickin’ poppin’ Chicken
Tender chicken pieces with a spicy coating served with hot sriracha sauce.

Tea Time Specials

**Two meals for £13.00 teatimes before 7pm and Saturday lunch only.**

**After 7pm each meal will increase to £9.95**

Homemade Steak Pie

Our most popular dish. Slow cooked beef in
rich ale gravy, with a homemade short crust top.

Hunters Chicken

Plump chicken breast wrapped in bacon and topped with melted mozzarella. Served with BBQ sauce.

Battered Haddock
Locally supplied fresh haddock deep fried in our homemade crispy batter.

Chicken Kiev
Breaded chicken breast with a sumptuous garlic butter middle.

Homemade Lasagne
Lean steak mince cooked in our homemade Neapolitan sauce, layered between pasta and
a creamy béchamel sauce.

Large Yorkshire Pudding
Filled with our freshly cooked sliced beef, pork or two pork sausages.

Cumberland Sausage
Cumberland sausage ring pan fried, served with two fried eggs.

Gammon Steak (GF)
Locally sourced gammon steak served with egg or pineapple (extra 50p for both), grilled
tomato and mushroom.

Whole tail Breaded Whitby Scampi
Ten pieces of succulent whole tail scampi deep fried in a crispy crumb.

Chicken Tikka Masala (GF)
Tender pieces of chicken, cooked in a rich medium heat tikka masala sauce.

Homemade Chilli Con Carne (GF)
Lean steak mince cooked in our homemade spicy sauce with fresh chilli peppers and
red kidney beans.

Homemade Sweet & Sour*
Our famous homemade sweet and sour sauce served with either battered pork or

*Gluten Free if ordered without batter

Plain or Cheese Omelette (V) (GF)
A three egg omelette either plain or with cheese. Perfectly light and fluffy.

Homemade Vegetable Lasagne (V)

Sautéed Carrot, red onion, peppers, celery and courgette in a homemade tomato and basil
sauce between layers of pasta and béchamel sauce.

Creamy Vegetable Kiev (V)
Onion, sweet corn, broccoli, potato and green pepper mixed with a cheesy herb and
garlic sauce and coated in a crunchy crumb.

All meals are served with chips, rice or a jacket potato, plus seasonal vegetables and a salad garnish where appropriate.

For an additional selection of delicious meal choices, please see our Specials Menu.


All of our meat is locally sourced, and cooked by our chefs to your liking.

Just ask a team member!

8oz Sirloin £12.85

12oz Sirloin £16.95

8oz Fillet £16.95

14oz T-bone £17.95

All steaks are served with grilled tomato, fried mushrooms and homemade
onion rings.

**And if that’s not enough to fill your boots, why not try?...**

“The Northfield” Mixed Grill £19.50
Two Yorkshire sausages, pork loin, gammon, lamb chop, black pudding and rump steak,
plus two fried eggs and all the trimmings.

Cajun Beef Sizzler £17.95

Tender strips of beef pan fried with peppers, onions and mushrooms in a creamy Cajun
sauce, served on a sizzling hot platter.

Cajun Prawn Sizzler £15.95
Succulent king prawns pan fried with peppers, onions and mushrooms in a creamy Cajun
sauce, served on a sizzling hot platter.

**Why not add??**

Whitby whole tail scampi to your steak and make it a surf and turf.
Six pieces £4.50

**Add a Homemade Sauce to Your Steak**

Peppercorn Sauce £2.00

Blue Cheese Sauce £2.00

Dianne Sauce £2.00

All meals are served with chips, rice or a jacket potato, plus seasonal
vegetables and a salad garnish where appropriate.


All burgers are served in a brioche bun, with chips, homemade coleslaw
and salad.

Steak Burger £7.95
A 4oz Steak burger, plain or topped with melted mature cheddar.

Blue Burger £8.95
A 4oz Steak burger, topped with melted blue cheese and sautéed mushrooms.

Cheddar and Chorizo Burger £9.95
A 4oz Steak burger topped with pan fried chorizo and melted mature cheddar.

Pulled Pork Burger £9.95
A 4oz Steak burger topped with BBQ pulled pork, plain or with melted mature

Breaded Spicy Chicken Burger £7.95
A tender piece of chicken in a southern fried spicy coating, plain or with melted
mature cheddar.

**Why not double up??**

Add an extra burger for £1.95

Still hungry? Why not try?…….

“The Northfield” Stacked Burger £11.95
A 4oz Steak burger, plain or with melted mature cheddar, southern fried chicken
burger, hash brown and BBQ pulled pork topped with our famous homemade onion

“The Northfield” King Kong Burger £11.95
Four 4oz Steak burgers, plain or topped with melted mature cheddar.

**Its FREE so why not add a sauce.**

Burger Sauce or Hot! Hot! Hot! Sriracha sauce.

**Veggie alert - Swap any steak burger for a veggie burger and make it meat free.**

Jacket Potatoes

Oven Baked and all served with homemade coleslaw and a salad garnish,
just choose your filling…….

Butter (V) £3.95

Cheddar Cheese (V)  £5.50

Heinz Baked Beans (v) £5.50

Baked Beans & Cheese (V) £6.25

Tuna Mayonnaise £6.25

Prawns In Marie Rose Sauce £8.95

Chicken Tikka Masala  £6.25

Chilli Con Carne  £6.95


All served on a deli roll with hand cut crisps, coleslaw and a salad

Prawns In Marie Rose Sauce £6.25

Succulent Greenland prawns in our homemade Marie rose sauce.

Beef £4.25

succulent home cooked sliced beef, either plain or fired up with a little
horseradish sauce or English mustard.

Cheddar Cheese (V)

Just plain cheesy!! £3.75

Cheese and red onion £4.25

Cheese and Branston pickle  £4.75

Tuna Mayonnaise £5.95
Tuna chunks mixed with creamy Hellman’s Mayonnaise.

Chicken Tikka Masala £5.95
Tender pieces of chicken in a medium heat tikka masala sauce.

Posh Fish Finger Sandwich £6.50
Haddock goujons, deep fried in our homemade batter.

Hot Beef & Gravy £4.95
Our home cooked sliced beef in our renowned rich beef gravy.


Chips £1.50

Fried Onions £0.95

Fried Mushrooms £0.95

Homemade Onion Rings £2.50

Garlic Bread Slices £2.50

Naan Bread £1.25

Deli Roll £0.85

Homemade Coleslaw £1.95

Cheese £0.95

Side Salad £2.50


A selection of hot and cold desserts and Ice cream is available upon

Just ask a member of staff for the Sweets Menu.


Tea £1.30

Fresh coffee £1.30

Liqueur Coffees £3.95

A selection of liqueur coffees made with fresh filtered coffee, your tipple of choice and topped with fresh cream.

Gaelic – Irish whiskey

French - Grand Marnier

Italian Special – Amaretto

Baileys – Baileys Irish Cream